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    3 Classic Dental-Themed Halloween Costumes

    Headed to a Halloween party and can’t think of any costume ideas? We’ve got you covered! These 3 classic dental-themed Halloween costumes are quick, inexpensive do-it-yourself ideas that will work for kids, parents and even couples. Be sure to follow the links for directions and tips on how to make your costume more creative and memorable.

    For Kids: Tooth Costume

    Why not, right? And this is a great way to recycle any pillows you own that have lost their fluff. Just grab those two old pillows you’re replacing, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread. Follow the simple directions in this YouTube video and in 15 minutes, your kid will be wearing one toothfully cute costume.

    If you want to ramp  it up, you could add a pair of all-black sweatpants or tights and a black sweatshirt, then you’d look like a tooth floating through the night. Maybe wear some glasses, wear a beard or walk with a cane and tell people you’re a wisdom tooth! Or you can wear some ears and put on some make up to look like a bear, and call yourself a molar bear! It’s always fun to get a little punny with your costumes.


    For Couples: Toothbrush and Toothpaste Costume

    Probably the most classic dental-themed costume is the tube of toothpaste. This one’s super easy to make out of recycled household items too! Just grab an old sheet, a lampshade, scissors, thread and a needle. You might need to go out and purchase these though: hot glue gun, headband and felt paper. We bet you can guess how these all fit together, but here are some better directions if you need them.

    As for being a toothbrush, there are plenty of ways to make a brush. Basically all you need is a headband and a way to attach something flat with “bristles” attached. We recommend cardboard for the head and drinking straws for the bristles, but you can also use some light wood, zip ties or any other materials found in your garage or basement. Then just make sure your shirt and pants match and now you’ve got yourself a toothbrush costume!


    For Everybody: Tooth Fairy

    Of course the Tooth Fairy is often depicted as a woman, but guys can have fun with this costume too! Every good Tooth Fairy costume features four main components: wings, wand, crown and a tutu. Even though a lot of people buy wings, this YouTuber has a cool tutorial on making your own pair with coat hangers and pantyhose. And it’s pretty easy to convert plastic headbands into a crown with some construction paper, glitter or other art supplies you have at home.

    As for making a wand, we’ve seen a lot of people get creative! But if you take a look around your house or apartment, we bet you can create your own. We’re thinking covers of notebooks glued to look like a tooth in the photo to the left. Maybe some wrapping paper cut thin for streamers. We looked around the house and found a chopstick, flashlight, umbrella and a wooden spoon we could use to make a wand.

    Halloween Candy Buy-Back

    Don’t forget that the day after Halloween — Tuesday, November 1st — we’ll be collecting your leftover candy from 3:00-5:00PM at all Stonehaven Dental locations to donate to Operation Gratitude. Bring in your unwanted sweets and we’ll pay you $5 per pound (up to 5 pounds) and you’ll get a free toothbrush travel bag, too! Read more.