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I have been coming to Stonehaven for about 5 years and I have always had a good experience. They are always concerned about my comfort and have never worried that I would be in poor shape after my appointment. I like their friendly and courteous service.

—Carol O, Lehi

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This is the best dentist office and group of dentists that I have ever gone to. The entire staff make you feel welcome and they help you to not be afraid of going to the dentist. I hate getting shots but they are always really encouraging and it makes you feel better even if you are scared.

—Wendy H, Lehi

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The Lehi branch is always so nice and easy to talk to and very inviting. They have done a great job on my 7 broken front teeth!

—Dean A, Lehi

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I had a couple of fillings and needed a mouthguard for teeth grinding. The assistant who took my impressions for the mouth guard did a really good job, too. Usually I gag when I have to have the goopy stuff put in my mouth, but I didn’t gag ONCE the whole time. Even throughout the fillings she was really attentive to make sure while the dentist was drilling and spraying water that I didn’t gag. That might sound silly to some people, but I HATE having water go down my throat at the dentist, and if I even so much as looked like I needed to swallow she was right there with the suction to keep things clean. The visit was quick, easy, and I didn’t feel like I had to waste my whole day just for a few fillings. I would highly recommend this office to anyone I met who needed dental work done.

—Chandler W, Lehi

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My dentist and hygienist were very attentive to my needs during my procedure. They made sure that I was comfortable the whole time. Overall it was a good experience. Thank you.

—Alexandra G, Lehi

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New to the area 2+ years ago my husband and I checked out multiple dental offices online, carefully reading reviews and comparing services. Stonehaven has a professional staff, quick appointments offered even for new patients, some early morning and late in day hours offered, discount plan with competitive rates for uninsured, and Dr. Campbell is terrific. I love Stonehaven Dental!

—Nora S, Draper

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From the moment I stepped inside your dental clinic I was treated like someone very special. All the staff are friendly and professional. The equipment is state of the art. As I lay back on the chair I could see the work being done on the ceiling mounted monitor and the dental team talked to me the whole time- explaining everything that was happening. The payment plan enables the work to be slowly paid off. And there are discounts offered to loyal customers.

—Clint C, Draper

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I cannot say enough about Stonehaven Dental Draper. From the staff, to the service and the facility all are exemplary. State of the art equipment and the best staff ever. Whoever does the hiring for this office knows their stuff. Every person we have encountered there is SOOOO friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Great about educating the patient and offer long term solutions. Excellent!!!

—Tracy O, Draper

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The advanced technology is remarkable. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Nice facility. Cant say anything more positive. Great for a DENTISTS OFFICE.

—Phillip S, Draper

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They were so wonderful with my 6 year old son. He had a baby root canal. They have such patience and explained to him every step of the way! Great jobs. Thank you.

—Kian W, Orem

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My only problem is that I must have small veins.. Other than that I was truely treated like a princess 🙂 Dr. Cameron even called me to see if I was okay! It was really sweet 🙂

—Miranda A, Orem

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The personnel was very nice. I was afraid is was going to hurt, but I didn’t feel a thing. If was a great dental experience. I really like StoneHaven dental.

—Camelia A, Orem

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I love coming here. Everyone is so nice and friendly. They remember my name(even though it had been a while since I was in) and stuff about my family. Their prices are great and best of all are the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies when I leave. My husband likes that the dentist himself calls to check on me the next day.

—Janna T, Orem

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I dread going to the dentist as many people do. When I left I walked out and actually thought to myself that was the best dental experience I’ve ever had! They were on time, nice and friendly! I scheduled the rest of my family with them the same week!

—Autumn M, South Jordan

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The best experience I have ever had with a dentist. They are personable, the experience was pain free, quick and the results are perfect. If that weren’t enough, they were less expensive than the competition and they accepted my dental insurance. Highly recommend and I will definitely be going back for any needs in the future.

—Walter P, South Jordan

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I love going to stone haven they provide great care and services. I could not ask for staff from greeting When you walk in the door to working with you in payments and the care you get while in the chair 100% amazing I recommend them to everyone.

—Kourtney R, South Jordan

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The dental appointment was for my daughter & it was an extremely positive experience. All of the staff were wonderful, we were in and out in a timely manner, it was a professional & comfortable environment. It’s hard to switch dentists, especially for children; but not with Stonehaven Dental!

—Samantha W, South Jordan