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    • The Importance of Patient Privacy

      As a dental patient, you have the right to expect that your personal information will be kept confidential. This means it does not fall into the wrong hands and is not used for any purposes other than those that have your consent. In fact, patient privacy is so important that it is protected by law,…

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    • Have you recently had a tooth extracted? One of the most common complications to watch out for is called a dry socket. Learning how to prevent a dry socket is important to your healing journey! What is a dry socket?  When you have a tooth extracted, a clot forms where it once was in order […]

    • On average, most adults have 32 teeth. That includes the molars, premolars, canines, wisdom teeth, and incisors. Every part of your tooth plays a role in keeping your mouth healthy. Let’s dive into the different parts of a tooth to better understand how cavities form and why it’s so important to keep up with proper […]

    • When a tooth becomes damaged or infected, whether due to trauma, gum disease or tooth decay, you may be presented with two treatment options: extract the tooth or undergo a root canal. While immediate cost often plays a big role in treatment decisions, other factors may be worth considering, including recovery time, quality of life, […]

    • You’ve been prescribed a new medication by your doctor. . . could it potentially affect your oral health? It’s common for medications to cause side effects within the body — including the mouth. These side effects can lead to an increase in your chance of developing tooth decay, making it a priority to stay educated […]

    • When it comes to needing a filling, there’s no need to be uneasy! The procedure is fairly quick and done right in the dental office. In fact, most people will receive at least one filling in their lifetime. But it’s normal to wonder what the procedure will entail so you can be prepared.  What is […]