Be King or Queen for a Day and Receive 26% off your Crown!

September 18, 2018

Why a crown?

Crowns are often the best option to extend the life of a tooth for years to come, after a tooth has fractured or broken in the past. Unlike a broken bone, a fractured tooth will not heal and is a serious condition. Crowns not only reinforce your tooth by adding additional strength but in many instances, they can save you the pain and price tag of a root canal and subsequent implant to replace the tooth.

Do crowns require a root canal?

Thankfully, no, not all crowns require a root canal. Only those that have a break so low that the the tooth becomes irreparable require a root canal.

How much out-of-pocket?

With this promotion, the maximum you will pay out-of-pocket is $799 for your crown and even less with most insurances!

What happens if I wait?

We get this question a lot.

There are essentially four different outcomes could experience by choosing to delay treatment:

  • Nothing will happen
  • The tooth could chip (simple repair) or crack and require a crown
  • The tooth could slip and could require crown lengthening or extraction
  • The tooth could require a root canal as well as an implant in some cases

Why now?

By scheduling treatment now, you are:

  • Preventing more serious complications (painful and pricey)
  • Improving the overall health of your mouth dramatically
  • And you are saving yourself $279!

Next Step:

Call our office today to schedule your appointment and lock in your discounted price!

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