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    Dental Benefits Are Back!

    Welcome to 2023! With the new year comes new beginnings, resolutions, and the best part – insurance resets! Dental insurance benefits typically reset at the beginning of the year, making room for you to get preventative care and any needed dental treatment either free or at a more accessible price. Oral health has been shown to impact overall health too, and poor oral hygiene has been found to affect things like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. So it’s important to take advantage of the new year and keep up with your routine check-ups.

    What is preventive care?

    While plans vary, most dental insurance providers cover preventative care in full. Preventative care often includes oral exams, professional cleanings, and X-rays. These all can help to monitor your oral health and ensure that you aren’t developing anything concerning such as gum disease.

    What is an annual maximum?

    An annual maximum is the most a dental insurance provider will pay toward your dental work in a given benefit year. This amount can vary depending on the type of plan you have. At the beginning of a new benefit year, your annual maximum resets, so the entire amount is available again. Any unused funds do not roll over, so it’s a good idea to take full advantage of them.

    Does this mean dental work will be free?

    Even if the entire amount of your maximum allowance is available, there may still be a cost associated with your treatment. Your annual maximum applies only to the portion your dental insurance plan pays on your behalf. This means that any deductibles or copays that you pay do not count towards your annual maximum. Once the annual maximum is reached, any further dental services you receive are 100% your responsibility to pay until the next plan year.

    Make oral health a priority this year!

    This new year, take advantage of your dental benefits and make oral health a priority. If you have any questions about treatment options available to you or would like to make an appointment, give us a call or schedule online.