The smart way to save on dental care.

Keeping a healthy smile shouldn’t be out of reach. That’s why this plan gives you access to quality dental care that is both affordable and hassle free. A membership includes routine services at no additional cost, with generous discounts on a variety of treatments.

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Annual Fees:


Single Membership


Dual Membership


Family of 4 Membership*

*$125 for each additional family member

(per member)

2 cleanings and exams

2 fluoride treatments

Needed x-rays

1 emergency exam

You’ll also get:

50% OFF periodontal maintenance

25% OFF all other treatment
(some exclusions may apply)

10% OFF orthodontics

Cleaning $0
Child Cleaning $0
Comprehensive Oral Evaluation $0
X-Rays $0
Fluoride $0
Child Fluoride $0
Periodontal Maintenance 50% off
Filling 25% off
Tooth Extraction 25% off
Crown 25% off
Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment 10% off

Discounts are applied to the full price of the treatment. Please refer to your customized treatment plan or a practice team member to determine your patient portion.

This plan is not insurance and cannot be used in combination with insurance. It does not pay the dental providers. A list of participating providers, including their address and specialty, is available before purchase and upon request by contacting Mortenson Dental Partners at 10300 Linn Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223 or by calling toll-free 1-888-380-0399.

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