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    January 2019 Giveaway

    Closeup shot of several gift cards arranged geometrically

    Kick Off The New Year By Winning This…

    I just love the start of a new year. To me it screams of possibility, of personal development, and new adventures. CS Lewis captured the feeling beautifully when he said,

    “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

    That’s exactly how I feel!

    And to help you start off 2019 with a {BANG!}, we are holding an incredible giveaway. This particular giveaway is unique because it’s composed of multiple parts, with each one to be revealed at different times throughout the month. (Awww, the suspense!)

    And one lucky chap from each office will walk away with the whole enchilada!

    Okay, let’s get to it already…

    You Could Win….

    Gift #1: $150.00 Gift Card to Albion Fit!

    If you haven’t seen or heard of Albion yet, then here’s your chance. Albion is a local company (taking its name from Albion Basin up Little Cottonwood Canyon) that has grown into a leader in fashion swimwear, fitness, and leisure apparel. You can learn more about them here:

    Here’s your chance to score a stylish new swimsuit, functional AND fashionable fitness clothes, or a rockin’ new everyday outfit.

    Gift #2: ….{to be announced soon!}

    Gift #3: ….{to be announced soon!}

    Gift #4: ….{to be announced soon!}


    All you have to do in ordered to be entered to win is come in for treatment during the month of January.

    Yep, that’s it. No specific treatment required, either. It can be something as simple as a cleaning.

    (which it’s probably time for anyways, right??) 🙂

    So call our office, get scheduled, and come in to be entered to win this incredible giveaway!

    P.S. And stay tuned to discover what else we are giving away!