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    Where in the World is Stonehaven?

    Ever since I was a kid, I could not wait for summer to come. As soon as the snow gave way to warmer weather and rising temperatures, I could hardly think of anything else. Back then, summer meant vacation. And vacation for us meant Lake Powell.

    Each year without fail, we’d pack two adults and five or six kids into our black and red, 1990 Suburban, and make the trek down south through Price, Green River, and Hanksville, until we finally arrived at Bullfrog in Lake Powell.

    And no matter what happened during our trip, every trip was absolutely glorious. It didn’t matter that we got devoured by mosquitoes, burnt to a crisp because we ‘forgot’ to apply sunscreen, or even had days of wind and lightning. (One time our car died, so my mom split us up and found rides for all of us back to Salt Lake from Hanksville. That’s the kind of mom I had!)  What mattered was the journey.

    Where in the world are you going to be this summer?

    Boarding a plane to Bora Bora?

    In the car to Yellowstone?

    Backpacking in the Uintas?

    Wherever you may be headed this summer, all we ask….is that you take us with you 🙂
    (always room for a few more, right??)

    Because we know we can’t piggyback on your upcoming plans, we are holding a little photo contest, giving us a glimpse of the awesomeness of your vacation. And the family with the best vacation photos will win tickets to our exclusive VIP Movie Event & other surprises!

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Post a picture on Instagram with your favorite Stonehaven swag item on your summer vacation
    2. Tag @stonehavendental and add the hashtag #stonehavendental

    That’s it! The winner will be announced on Friday, August 31st.

    So grab your cameras, lather up the sunscreen, and be sure to pack some Stonehaven swag into your suitcase!

    Also, be sure to checkout some of the places that our team members are going on our Instagram page: @stonehavendental